“Excellent, for children who usually have a short concentration, this was amazing. One child who usually cannot sit for more than 2 minutes, actually sat for 40 min.”

Alan Guy
Loddon School, Hook Hants RG4 6XJ

“The concert yesterday was a great success. This is a very difficult audience with a lot of noise and children being taken in and out – were excellent. Several teachers told me afterwards that it had been ideal, with one boy in particular who almost never responds to any stimulus, up and dancing away with his carer for most of the concert.
Very good use was made of rhythm.”

Linden Lodge School, London, SW19 6JB

“Very positive, everyone enjoyed it, learned something new, experienced pleasure, it made they feel fresh and new.”
A poem written by one of the group directly after the session composed during the music.

"Listening to people make music
The sounds of a really fun beat
All the people of the world
In unison tap their feet

People dance with such rhythm
All with smiles on their face
Music makes people happy
It is just part of the human race

So everyone pick an instrument
We will all in a big band
Together we will make beautiful music
Throughout the entire land"

By Shaun Evans

Sadie Preece
Shekinah Mission, Plymonth PL1 3LT

“The music was of highest standard – melodious and rhythmically spellbinding. The members watched and listened thoroughly enraptured, unable to resist singing and dancing when asked. It was a rare treat offered.”

Brookleigh Centre, Scarborough

On behalf of the Blind Club I'm writing to thank you so much for providing the Club with such wonderful entertainment. The Brazilian Ensemble set the Club alight right from the first note and the members were enthralled by the variety and vitaly of their music. They provided us with classical Brazilian music, Brazilian folk and popular music. They also used a variety of instruments and were very informative about the music they were about to perform. The performers were charming, and at the end of the session they chatted and had tea with the members. Thank you again.

Katherine Pattrick, Woodford Green, Essex