The Brazilian Ensemble provides three different kinds of performances.

Interactive Concerts

In our Concert you will have the unique opportunity to experience a performance of traditional Brazilian music in such an original way.
We usually start with classical brazilian composers such as Villa-Lobos and Francisco Mignone, then we add more and more elements and instruments such as Pandeiro (tamborine), Berimbau, Cavaquinho, Triangulo and special effects instruments made with seeds from the forest, and others that imitates the sound of the forest such as the Spring Drum and the Snake tube.

In our Interactive Concert, the audience will have a chance to join us, learning songs in Portuguese, playing some exotic instruments and trying some dance steps too.

In the Workshops we go deeply in our culture, telling histories about each song, explaining how the instruments are made and also interacting with  the audience singing and dancing traditional music from different parts of Brazil, from Amazon to the Pampas.